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Would you like me to meet with your group in person or virtually?

For churches, small groups, or Christian organizations using (or considering using) my Next Step Devotions book, I want to offer to meet with you in person, virtually, or by phone. I'll work with you on the topic to be discussed. We could talk about my book or particular subjects within it. Maybe we'll talk about what went into writing it and why I wrote it. Perhaps you'd like to hear how to get the most from the book when using it individually or as a group. Or we can chat about growing as a follower of Jesus and share experiences we've had on the journey. I'm open to suggestions.

For groups near my home in central Kentucky, arranging an in-person gathering should be easy. For those farther away, we can plan a virtual meeting or phone call, or you can cover my expenses to travel to you.

It is my calling to make disciples, so let me know if my book and I can help your group in that pursuit. It would be an honor and a joy to spend time with you. Use any contact method at the bottom of this page to reach me.

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