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Bible Reading Completion Chart

Since I read through the Bible every year or two, keeping a chart to mark off chapters as I read them is handy. By doing so, it doesn't matter if I read the Bible straight through from beginning to end (which is my usual approach) or if I jump around during the year. The chart lets me quickly see which chapters I've completed.

I made a simple sheet to serve this purpose. It contains all the Bible books and chapter numbers. I print it out, cut off the excess at the bottom of the page, and fold it in half to serve as a bookmark. After each day's reading, I mark through the chapter numbers completed and jot the date above them. The photo on this page shows it folded on my Bible with my scribbles as I near completion of reading through the Archaeology Study Bible.

Here is a PDF of the chart for anyone interested. Download it. Print it. Distribute it to others as you wish.

All of Scripture is God's Word. We should not camp out only in our favorite books and passages but regularly digest all of them. You can read the entire Bible over one year if you read about 3.5 chapters daily. I hope keeping track of your reading with this simple chart will help you on that journey.

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