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What can remain? What must change?

(The following is the July 16 devotional from my Next Step Devotions book. Before reading it, I suggest you read 1 Corinthians 7 and pay close attention to verses 17-24.)

Paul wrote, “Let each one live his life in the situation the Lord assigned when God called him” (v. 17), reiterating the thought in verses 20 and 24. He gave examples relevant to the recipients’ cultural context. Paul wrote to Gentile Christians for whom circumcision was not required as it was for Jews, and he wrote in an age when slavery was the cultural norm, so his examples address those situations. The contexts in our time may differ, but the teaching remains.

Some life circumstances must change when one becomes a Christian, such as if one is involved in illegal or illicit activity contrary to biblical teaching. Career criminals and those profiting from pornography or prostitution are extreme examples. Not all life’s choices are evil versus good, however. Countless morally neutral scenarios exist, like Paul’s example of circumcision, where he states, “Circumcision does not matter and uncircumcision does not matter. Keeping God’s commands is what matters” (v. 19).

This freedom to remain in one’s current life situation (within biblical boundaries) should encourage us. God, first and foremost, wants our hearts yielded to him. He may or may not subsequently lead us to significant changes in life circumstances. For example, God will call some to vocational Christian ministry, changing their intended career paths. He will continue to change us as we mature in faith for the rest of our lives. Some changes will be internal; some will be external in behaviors, relationships, careers, location, and more.

Surrender your life to Christ first, then be open to whatever he calls you to change regarding who you are and what you do. He will make those matters clear over time as you grow in him and his Word.

Next Step:

Was there a life circumstance you had to change when you came to Christ? Do you know anyone hesitant to become a Christian due to fear that some aspect of their life must change? How does Paul’s advice apply?

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